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Beautiful. I'm getting that same feeling watching my poppies open. One has the husk still attached but split and ready to POP! But I must wait for the poppy's time frame x have a great day x

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Poppies are the very best at unfurling. They could teach us a thing or so. You too lovely. xx

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‘I am more aware of the changing light...’ I adore this 🧡

As I approach a different season & find myself looking to slow down & exhale properly, it’s been interesting to note that I am less dictated to by the urgency of time. It’s strange but lovely all at once.

I can just see you serenely taking up space nicely between your Iris & the unfurling ferns.

Oh how beautiful this is 🧡

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It is easy to get swept away but better to stay in tune with Mother Nature. I think she knows best...thanks for dropping by. xx

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Such a beautiful read.

While you are unfurling, I am here gently releasing, as the last of the autumn leaves are falling and Winter is gently placing her cape over us.

Mother Nature teaches us so much about timing, about pace, about how to breathe, how to move, how to just be in the world...

I am also a home-school Mumma. That conscious choice to home-school our children has introduced another way of unfurling...an unfurling of education in a more wholesome and connected way.

May we all pause as we gently acknowledge another pace and more natural way of connecting - with our hearts and our lives,

ourselves and our loved ones,

our colleagues and our shop keepers

our feathered and fur friends

and all and every living thing.

And thank you to that wise woman for reminding us to be conscious how we spend our day.

Blessings of beauty and magic

to you and yours.

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So well said x

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